A downloadable tool for Windows and Linux

2D character animation, for everyone.

Inochi Creator Screenshot
Ada model by ku-ini

Bring your art to life with Inochi Creator, the open source tool for 2D model rigging, with powerful features for animating your 2D art in real-time for use in games and VTubing. And best of all, it's free!

Inochi Creator is currently in beta but is already quite powerful. Do note that there's currently bugs, quirks and missing features. You can always join our Discord Server to keep up to date on development.

NOTE: Inochi Creator exports models in the Inochi2D format, the format is not compatible with software made for formats such as Live2D or Spine.

Install instructions

The Windows version is provided in a ZIP file, extract it and run it.

The Linux version is provided in an AppImage, you will addtionally need SDL2 and freetype installed on your system.


Inochi Creator 0.7.3 (Linux) 18 MB
Inochi Creator 0.7.3 (Windows) 18 MB
Example Models
Source Code